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CEC5W1: Ultrasound Pelvic Imaging Workshop
Venue:  Post Graduate Center Foyer, KFSH&RC

Coordinator: Rafat Mohtasib

Manal Mustafa, Rania Abuaish, Abeer Alzahrani, Mona Alzahrani, Nouf Alnafea (US Tech.Team)

Recommended CE Course: CEC5 entitled "Women Breast Imaging"

Target Audience:

Ultrasound technologists, residents and fellows, staff radiologists, family physicians

Workshop Objective:

By the end of this workshop, participants should be able to

  • Perform a basic trans-abdominal/ transvaginal pelvic ultrasound examination
  • Accurately measure the endometrial thickness, uterine and ovarian sizes
  • Recognize the most common pathological findings in pelvic ultrasound imaging.
  • Recognize the common imaging finding in early pregnancy
Workshop flow:

Participants will practice how to perform good quality ultrasound examination using one of the latest computer simulation systems with trained personnel

Wednesday (19 February 2014): 04:00-05:30 PM
Venue: Postgraduate Center
Thursday (20 February 2014): 08:00-09:30 AM
Venue: Postgraduate Center